One of the documentaries that has had a great impact on teachers, as I read in a news item not long ago, was “On the way to school”, by the French director Pascal Plisson. It is a documentary that tells the true story of four children, Jackson, Carlitos, Zahira and Samuel, who have to face many adversities and dangers every day to get to school. These children live in four very different parts of the world (Kenya, Argentina, Morocco and India). Still, they share the same desire to learn and are aware that only education will open the door to a better future. The children of the Lwanga Valley share many dangers, as do the four protagonists of the above-mentioned documentary. One of these dangers is crocodiles in wetlands.


SOGOLO’s new solidarity project could be another real scenario for the second part of this documentary. There are children in villages near the school in Mkasanga (Zambia) who have to walk kilometres every day to go to school. In addition to the wild animals that roam freely on the fringes of the nearby South Lwanga National Park, they have to cross several rivers and streams. One of the rivers they have to cross is very dangerous all year round, but especially during the rainy season. In addition to the resulting cold in the body after crossing it every day, there are the crocodiles. This natural predator can attack any living thing. There are already reports of several children and people injured and killed as a result.


In order to avoid further misfortunes and enable the children of the Lwanga valley to go to school, a BRIDGE needs to be built to bridge the nearby river, especially during the rainy season. In our first project, we provided the school with electricity and internet. In the second project, a wheelchair so that ChombaMpande can get around to learn every day. In the third project, we all together built a science lab, laying the bricks and making the classroom and providing the lab equipment they need. In the fourth project, we helped improve the toilets and the glassless windows of the school in Mnkhanya. They can’t teach if it rains because of the poor conditions of the classrooms. They provide the work and we provide the materials. This is not about charity but about solidarity, about collaboration between better-off people and those who have less. It is about justice.


The final budget to build the bridge in the area needed is 10,000 euros. In this new project, we have the collaboration of the safari company “AFRICA SAFARI”, which will help us with the coordination between the tribes involved, the construction company and SOGOLO. We want to express our most sincere gratitude.

If you want to collaborate with us, you can do it through the following link.Thank you very much for your collaboration.