Project: Off-road wheelchair


Disability is a stigma for the person who suffers it all over the world, but even more so in Africa. Often, disability there is caused by diseases that can be prevented in the first world. Poor nutrition and lack of prenatal health care contribute to disability among new-borns and children. In Zambia, according to WHO (World Health Organization) data, two million people suffer from disabilities, approximately 15% of the population. There is a prevalence of women over men, with a higher concentration in rural areas than in cities.

Disability is seen as the fruit of a curse, of a kind of witchcraft. Families tend to hide disabled children (…) There is still a sense of shame, perhaps discomfort, which means that there is no talk of disability and that people with disabilities are relegated to be always at home“.


With this project we want to help ChombaMpande, a young woman with a disability who needs a wheelchair to get around to go to school in Mkasanga. The vegetation is very rugged being close to the Luanga South Valley National Park, with sand roads and many stones.

In this sense, the scope of the project is to acquire an off-road wheelchair that we will send to Mkasanga school to give to ChombaMPande.

.Chomba Mpande.

The chair we propose for ChombaMpande is the Trial Playa model, manufactured by Forta, FabricacionesOrtopédicas Albacete, S.L.

The wheels are off-road, and the chair is very light to be able to move easily, the girl alone or with the help of others. Additionally, this model is completely stainless, and the seat evacuates the water easily, also being useful in the rainy season.

In addition to the chair, we want to acquire a set of necessary accessories in the case of rupture such as patches for punctures, spare camera, … and a cleaning and maintenance kit, to make it sustainable over time.

The chair will be transported from Madrid to Zambia by one of the members of the SOGOLO association who constantly travels to Zambia and will therefore be hand-delivered.

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