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This world is full of surprising, alarming, lurid, negative, fake news… and the media highlight them in the headlines of newspapers or on the news. But there is also a lot of news that is not public on a large scale and that, nevertheless, makes us believe that another world is possible. In these good news stories, there is always a common denominator: they have a special person or persons at their center or axis of action. They are the VOLUNTEERS of NGOs. They are anonymous, humble people, who collaborate selflessly for a cause that satisfies them on a personal level. There are many causes: caring for children with cancer, participating in leisure activities for people with disabilities, helping in the shelter for abandoned dogs, visiting the sick, collaborating with children at risk of exclusion… all of them very commendable, worthy and totally necessary.

These special people make that, fortunately, human beings believe in human beings, giving the best of themselves for the good of others. There is much talk these days about artificial intelligence and the revolution it means for the economy, education and society in general. However, we forget the human part of this super-revolution. Artificial intelligence, however intelligent it may be, does not love. And human beings, even the least intelligent, know how to love.

Special people get involved in a cause and take it to its ultimate consequences. They are capable of complicating their lives for what they believe in. They get up early, give their all, their money and, what is even more valuable, their time. And they do not boast about it, because they make it their life routine, with humility. They are a silent example that should be in the news, and yet they remain anonymous, giving the best of themselves.

Thanks to all those special people who collaborate with SOGOLO, making it their cause and one of their reasons for being and existing. They know who they are. We do not need names.

Thank you, thank you and a million thanks.

Without you, SOGOLO would not be possible.

With you, SOGOLO is a reality.

For many people who, unfortunately, have not been as lucky as we are, the special people of SOGOLO are a reason to believe that another world is possible.

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